Spectra2 XL3  

High performance signalling and media test solution
  • High performance diameter testing with thousands of TPS
  • High performance media testing with thousands of media calls
  • High performance multi- protocol scenarios
  • Mass subscriber simulation with abstract access network
There are three important aspects to LTE network performance testing – Diameter TPS, Media/ RTP simultaneous calls and Cumulative media QoE. These factors are interrelated and often adjusted to achieve the best possible performance from the network.

Performance Testing is the only way to avoid signaling storms and assure service Quality of Experience (QoE). The Spectra2 XL3 hardware platform from NETSCOUT is an IMS and EPC test solution that enables customers to drive extreme levels of IP signaling and media traffic into the network. In doing so, Spectra2 XL3 can help verify multi-dimensional network performance and deliver services with confidence.

Performance is one of the key factors used to ensure end-to-end LTE network stability. With the increase in new applications and devices requiring greater bandwidth, signaling volumes are growing exponentially. The Spectra2 XL3 can drive traffic to those extreme levels, reaching hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, so you can stress test your critical network functions with protocols such as SIP, H248, DIAMETER, and SIGTRAN, among others.

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