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Ensuring business service and continuity

We have the tools needed by IT departments and managed service providers to keep essential business services running. We enable the planning, installation, testing and maintenance of wired and wireless networks.

Featured product

SessionMaster EXA-8

Providing granular visibility down to the link layer.

The EXA8 addresses the needs of enterprise customers and network engineers for a fail-safe network tapping, traffic capture, and troubleshooting platform, providing a more intelligent network security and monitoring approach

Introducing OMNIA

Enhanced ENTERPRISE Visibility, Security & Monitoring

A multi-function device that is perfect for SMB & branch office network visibility and monitoring, the OMNIA range provide aggregation TAP, traffic filtering, deep packet inspection, packet capture and other functions.

Additionally it features a full Linux environment for 3rd party applications, which have access to filtered network traffic

Featured product

EtherScope nXG

Quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics.

Ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification. Ethernet testing capability up to 10Gb/s make this product ideal for the field.

Featured product


Deploy proactive test and monitoring solutions inside the cloud to verify service chains and connectivity to and from the cloud.


Embedded troubleshooting tools

Embedded network troubleshooting tools offering layer 2-7 service troubleshooting ensure that voice, video and other applications are highly available.

Network access devices

Network access devices and TAPs used to make a mirror copy of all of the traffic that flows between two network end-points.

Portable Ethernet testers

A range of portable Ethernet testers for backhaul, service and transport testing.

Portable WiFi testers

WiFi coverage & performance and network throughput testing for frontline technicians

WiFi survey

Portable test tools and planning software to assess network coverage and build AP placement designs

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