Broadband (DC – 6 GHz) multipath emulator
  • Broadband (DC – 6 GHz) multipath emulator
  • Accurately emulates a home channel model (IEEE 802.11 model B)
  • Built-in bypass switch for LOS conditions
  • Built-in programmable quadAtten programmable attenuators for range testing
  • 4x4 MIMO link

octoBox multipath emulator (MPE) module uses innovative patented techniques to emulate indoor multipath in the RF domain keeping the signal path wide-band and bi-directional.

This low-cost yet powerful fader consists of passive circuitry and uses high grade cabling to accurately model the power delay profile (PDP) of IEEE 802.11n/ac model of a typical house, Model B

The MPE stacks with octoBoxes and other testbed components to add realism to the testbed by emulating multipath reflections. Together with the octoBox quadAtten module, the MPE can accurately model the house or office wireless channel environments according to the standards based models.


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