E8400/E8600B SpectrumPROFILER

Spectrum & Signal Analyser. Verify RF Transmission. Identify and locate signal interference. Confirm coverage.
  • Performs comprehensive signal analysis for complete site profile and monitoring of signal environment
  • Quickly identifies, locates, and maps signal interference
  • High-speed analyzer measures 30 GHz/s @ 7.8 kHz RBW
  • Frequency range 9 kHz ~ 6.0 GHz
  • Rugged, lightweight design built to withstand harsh environments
  • Functions include occupied bandwidth, channel power, ACLR
  • Dual-spectrum and spectrogram measurements
  • Verifies RF transmission
  • 10.1" capacitive touchscreen for easy control & visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Numerous data transfer options: LAN, USB, & more

Today’s wireless spectrum is shared by a host of communications systems and services, including mobile communications, radio, wireless local-area networks, and digital video broadcasting. The same spectrum is shared by licensed and unlicensed transmitters alike, often hampered by impairments like reflection and fading. The result is a signal environment of extreme complexity, which must be cleared and routinely monitored in order to maximize service performance.

Designed specifically for wireless communications field engineers and technicians, the E8400B/E8600B SpectrumPROFILER provides all the measurement functions and performance specs you need to accurately characterize the signal environment. It can detect, locate, identify, and clear signal interference, all in one lightweight handheld instrument.

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