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Reduce your time to revenue with expedited turn-up tools


Featured product

400G Tester MT1040A

The Network Master MT1040A is a portable instrument supporting speeds from 10Mb/s to 400Gb/s.

QSFP-DD and OSFP compatibility ensures that as many interfaces as possible can be tested on-site, including Active Optical Cable modules.

Featured product


Reduce time-to-revenue though automated service activation testing to build birth certificates.

Build complex test sequences to fully test from layer 2 to layer 7.

Featured product

AirMagnet® Survey PRO

Enable network professionals to design, deploy, and validate 802.11 wireless LAN networks for optimal performance, security, and compliance.

Calculate the ideal quantity, placement, and configuration of APs for a successful deployment.

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Mobile network turn-up

Interference hunting

Deploy FTTA with our FTTA Toolkit

Discover our FTTA Toolkit, the FTTA components you need to test and the test method for turning up your new FTTA location


Portable WiFi testers

WiFi coverage & performance and network throughput testing for frontline technicians

WiFi survey

Portable test tools and planning software to assess network coverage and build AP placement designs

Handheld optical testers

Essential handheld test tools including power meters, visual fault locators and connector inspection tools.

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