Packetmaster EX5-2

Layer 4 packet broker
  • Finite Rule Life: Rules can be set with a timeout period where the rule will be removed automatically after a set period of time or a set period without traffic activity. Rules can be dynamically created via the REST API.
  • Generate sFLOWS CDRS: The EX5-2 is able to generate standard-conform sFlow information of the incoming traffic. The sFlow CDRs can be sent via the management interface to any external sFlow Tools for further processing.
  • GRE Tunnel support: The Packetmaster EX5-2, like all Packetmaster Series NPBs, can function as a GRE tunnel endpoint.
  • AAA Radius support: Radius support for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).
  • Stacking of units: One Packetmaster can control several other Packetmasters. This gives the possibility to extend the number of ports per unit.
  • The Packetmaster EX5-2 is a modern network packet broker and network controller switch that aggregates, filters, duplicates and load balances network traffic sent to the network monitoring, security and management tools.
  • The Packetmaster EX5-2 filters and load balances traffic from 10Gbps link to multiple 1 Gbps monitorng tools or aggregates multiple 1 Gbps links to 10 Gbps monitoring tools. The Packetmaster series supports OSI Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4 header modification including stripping, adding, and modifying VLAN tags, MAC addresses, IP addresses and Port numbers.

The Packetmaster EX5-2 is a network packet broker designed for handling copper interfaces from 10 Mbit to Gigabit. The Packetmaster filters and load balances traffic from 10 Gbps link to multiple 1 Gbps monitoring tools. It can aggregate multiple 1-Gbps links to 10 Gbps monitoring tools. The product has a non-blocking design and offers top performance. The native copper interface of the EX5-2 has an advantage because the product does not require copper SFP. This reduces the price of the product and also makes it more technically advanced.

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