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Portable wireless testing solutions for device certification and qualifications

Testing the RF characteristics of a device typically requires having access to a large anechoic chamber where the RF environment and characteristics such as interference can be controlled in a repeatable manner.

At a time when time to market and low cost are critical, this reliance on large test houses for small and relatively inexpensive IoT and WiFi devices seems outdated. However, a small, self-contained personal wireless test bed that can sit right next to a developer at the bench, or be accessed from anywhere in the world and provides the same controlled RF environment for testing is an ideal solution for testing these devices.

With the increase in consumer awareness of the performance of their WiFi devices due to increasing number of wireless applications, support for standardised automated testing makes it easier and more affordable than ever to verify the performance of devices being brought to market.

Featured products

Portable wireless testbeds

The STACK testbeds can fully characterise WiFi products for performance indicators such as throughput, handover efficiency and OFDMA.

They include a full suite of test tools, allowing conformance testing to be fully automated and support benchmarks such as TR-398.

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understanding TR398

Learn how TR398 delivers a comprehensive test suite for WiFi performance validation and how integrated test beds provide cost-effective solutions for performing the test cases.

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Portable shielded boxes

The octoBOX® range of isolation chambers enable an expedited wireless testing pipeline as a more cost-effective, smaller solution that can be deployed at scale when compared to deploying additional isolation rooms.

On-demand webinars

WiFi-6 testing & standards

In this series of online webinars we explain how Wi-Fi 6 testing must now look beyond traditional throughput metrics to meaningful efficiency metrics such as packet latency, jitter, and loss as well as automated testing benchmarks such as TR-398.


Wireless testbeds

Portable wireless testbeds supporting automated Wi-Fi testing including Wi-Fi 6e, OFDMA, and TR-398 issue 2

Wireless test modules

A range of test modules for RF testing including traffic endpoints, attenuators and interference generators.

Wireless shielded boxes

Highly isolated, portable shielded boxes for easily configurable, repeatable test environments

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