SessionMaster EXA8

Layer 4-7 network packet broker
  • Simple 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator
  • 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to 1/10 Gbit output
  • 4 link aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to USB3.0 (pcap file)
  • 4 link to aggregator with L4/L7 filtering to eSATA (pcap file)
  • 4 link to 10 Gbit aggregator with Netflow V9 metadata generation
  • Packet generator and pcap file replay box and many more applications
  • The EXA8 can be a mini Sessionmaster and perform all the functions like duplicate packet remover, Regex, Keyword search, IMSI filtering, mobile network filtering, distributed flow monitoring, and many more features
  • Smaller form factor and lower cost

The Cubro Sessionmaster EXA8 is a new generation of Network Packet Broker (switch-like device) based on a newly designed ASIC and Octeon CPU. The EXA8 provides maximum flexibility because it combines the classis ASIC based NPB with a high-performance CPU which enables it to run powerful applications on it.

The EXA8 is an affordable high performance universal open network appliance with a unique design and flexible feature set. Cubro EXA8 is the only network visibility probe of its kind in the market due to its compact size, in built-TAP and powerful CPU at a low price.

The unit is perfect for link aggregation because of the built-in Copper TAP. The EXA8 come with a pre-installed Tshark on it which allows it to capture the traffic and store it on the builtin 1TB SSD storage.



The EXA8 is connected to several devices, for instance span ports. The traffic from various sources can be aggregated to one stream for a monitoring device. For an easier analysis, it is possible to push tags on each input port afterwards.

1 Gbit Copper Capturing

The EXA8 is connected directly in a live copper link 10/100/1000. With the built-in TAP the unit is completely transparent for the network. It is possible to capture the traffic directly on the EXA8 via the capture function of the unit.

Traffic Capturing to SSD

Aggregate and Capture to SSD The capturing of traffic is done via TShark. TShark is the command line version of Wireshark, so Wireshark filters are possible. Performance up to 2.5 Gbit.

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