Network Master Pro 400G

Portable tester for 400G network and transceiver testing
  • 400G Ethernet testing
  • Realtime FEC analysis ensures signalling quality
  • Supports QSFP-DD and OSFP 400G transceivers
  • Multirate module supports 10M to 400G testing

The Network Master Pro MT1040A is a portable tester for 400G Ethernet networks utilized in hyper and Colocation data centers.

However, 400G Ethernet Core and Metro networks are evolving to meet the demands of mobile edge and cloud computing deployments as 5G and IoT applications become more widespread. The MT1040A eases the burden of 400G Ethernet testing for all these applications.

Monitoring FEC to ensure signal quality

FEC is an essential 400G technology that applies error correction to the the packet itself and is used to achieve high-reliability integrity of the 400g interface. However, FEC is only able to compensate for signalling errors up to a specific rate. If there are too many FEC corrections, the network performance will degrade.

Consequently, the FEC frequency should be confirmed not only at the same time as the latency and throughput measurements during network installation but also during normal operation. The MT1040A features built-in FEC measurements to highlight corrected signalling errors regardless of the BER, highlighting potential failure points in the network.

AOC testingDual 400G ports enables direct back to back testing of active optical cables / direct attach cables
Transceiver qualificationQualify QSFP-DD and OSFP 400G for use in the network. Pre-test transceivers for field deployment.
Field turn-up and maintenanceConfigured with an inspection probe and OTDR the MT1040A can be used as an all-in-one tool for turn up of high speed networks up to 400G
Multi-rate interfaces for maximum flexibilityTest interfaces from 10M to 400G allow testing of any Ethernet device