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Upgrade your monitoring tools to 100% visibility

Eliminate network blind spots to ensure customer service delivery. 

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Simplify mobile user troubleshooting

Better visibility into the user network traffic leads to higher level of customer satisfaction, however with todays networks carrying hundreds of Gigabit/s of data being able to support a single mobile subscriber is extremely difficult.

To a mobile carrier, overcoming this to specifically focus on their top customers who bring them more revenue gives them a competitive edge in today’s environment where subscribers can choose from several options of service available on the market.

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Introducing OMNIA

Enhanced ENTERPRISE Visibility, Security & Monitoring

A multi-function device that is perfect for SMB & branch office network visibility and monitoring, the OMNIA range provide aggregation TAP, traffic filtering, deep packet inspection, packet capture and other functions.

Additionally it features a full Linux environment for 3rd party applications, which have access to filtered network traffic

On-demand webinars

What is Software Defined Network Visibility?

In this webinar we discuss the drivers that are creating the need for software defined visibility, the challenges that SDN presents for network monitoring and solutions to achieving visibility over automated and fast-changing networks.

Featured product

Sessionmaster 321oo

Create a high-bandwidth backbone between Packet Brokers or backhaul to, and from, remote sites.

The high port density, session-aware load balancing, and thousands of filtering rules means that performance is never compromised regardless of complexity and features used

Featured product

Robotic Optical Switch

ROME® is a robotic optical switch that offers dynamic fiber cross connect capability.

ROME® enables physical fibre connections to be made automatically, remotely, quickly, and without on-site manual intervention.


Network access devices

Network access devices and TAPs used to make a mirror copy of all of the traffic that flows between two network end-points.

Layer 1-4 packet brokers

Layer 1-4 network packet brokers support aggregation, load balancing, filtering and more.

Layer 1-7 packet brokers

Layer 1-4 network packet brokers support aggregation, load balancing, filtering and more.


Robotic Fibre Switch, automating the physical layer


TDM to IP Protocol Converter

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