Spectra2 3u

Superior Performance for IMS Core Testing
  • Consolidated hardware supports multiple functions for improved CAPEX.
  • T1/E1 link density simplifies test lab configurations.
  • Shared interface boards enable multiuser test environments.
  • Compact servers reduce energy consumption and deliver OPEX savings.
  • Spectra2 3u provides high performance testing in a compact footprint.

Higher Capacity, Greater Value

A single, cost-effective, multi-user platform addresses all relevant protocols.
  • Support for functional, load, media, and conformance testing for the core network.
  • Accommodate more calls per second, more open calls and growing subscriber counts.
  • Achieve greater performance at a lower cost per port

For networks in transition from TDM to IP, NETSCOUT offers Spectra2 3u.

Built and optimized specifically for the telecommunications test and diagnostics market, the Spectra23u leverages an Intel® Xeon Dual Hexa Core® processing architecture to provide high performance in a compact footprint.

A single, high capacity, multi-user test platform can test your IMS, PSTN and LTE Evolved Packet Core for functionality, performance and media quality.

The SMI (Signaling Media Interface) family of hardware modules for TDM and IP environments enable functional, load, and media testing for the majority of TDM, IP and SIGTRAN based protocols.

  • TSMi (TDM) boards support T1/E1 and OC3 interfaces.
  • IPSMi (IP) boards support 1Gig and 10Gig Ethernet interfaces
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