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Network test & monitoring to ensure high availability and regulatory compliance

Business in the finance sector operate in one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. With CIOs facing a multitude of issues including regulatory monitoring and testing, high availability requirements and minimal latency connectivity to enable high frequency trading it is essential to have access to a range of solutions that stop the network becoming a business liability.

Featured product

Network Master Pro

The Anritsu Network Master Pro provides everything needed to install and maintain networks from 1.5Mb/s to 100Gb/s.

Using the in-built GPS option it’s easy to measure one-way latency across networks, ensuring the latency targets for high speed trading can be met.

Featured product


Take control of network traffic in your financial institution.

Make sure all users and connected devices have fair access and bandwidth at all times. Ensure high priority traffic and users are protected from congestion. Get deep analytical insights.

Featured product

Network Multimeter

The Allegro Packets Network Multimeter enables real-time testing and historical traffic analysis on Ethernet networks.

Layer 2 – 7 network analysis and a small footprint make it suitable in a range of applications from datacentres testing to home office fault finding.

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Embedded troubleshooting tools

Embedded network troubleshooting tools offering layer 2-7 service troubleshooting ensure that voice, video and other applications are highly available.

Layer 1-4 packet brokers

Layer 1-4 network packet brokers support aggregation, load balancing, filtering and more.

Layer 1-7 packet brokers

Layer 1-4 network packet brokers support aggregation, load balancing, filtering and more.

Network access devices

Network access devices and TAPs used to make a mirror copy of all of the traffic that flows between two network end-points.

Network optimisation solutions

Meet the challenges of customer service delivery with network equipment and software to increase the efficiency of the network.

Portable Ethernet testers

A range of portable Ethernet testers for backhaul, service and transport testing.

Portable WiFi testers

WiFi coverage & performance and network throughput testing for frontline technicians

Protocol analysis

Simulate and test a range of network protocols across the telecom network

Transmission network testers

Powerful network tests making it easy to test complex, multi-service high-speed networks up to 400Gb/s

Voice quality analysis

Tools to test voice quality for network and industrial applications including PESQ and POLQA standards.

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