Spectra2 SE 2

An Intuitive Test Solution for Lab and Production Networks
  • Production and Lab Network Applications
  • LTE, IMS, VoIP, PSTN Protocol Support
  • RTP Media with POLQA
  • PCAP (Wireshark) import Automated Test Case creation
  • Simultaneous multi-protocol testing
  • Multiple simultaneous element simulation
  • Millions of user agents
  • Thousands of calls per second
  • Thousands of RTP streams
  • Schedule automated test execution
  • API for 3rd party test harness support
  • SNMP Alarming
  • Run-time message manipulation
  • Built-in protocol message libraries
  • Built-in conformance test suites
  • Configurable automated message responses
  • Programmable logic
  • User-defined event counters and timers
  • Commercial Off-the-shelf hardware
  • VM Environment Compatible
  • Laptop portability
  • Multi-user
  • Functional Testing for the purpose of proving the functions and features of a network.
  • Load / Stress / Performance Testing to validate network capacity and performance.
  • Negative Testing for the purpose of ensuring that the network can survive protocol errors or malicious attacks.
  • Media Quality Assurance to prove the quality of Audio, Video, and other sources of media.
  • Automation to ensure that testing and regression cycles are as efficient as possible.

NETSCOUT delivers core network test and validation functions to ensure the successful deployment of new networks, network expansions, or software upgrades.  Spectra2 solutions address the following applications:

Maximize Productivity with Spectra2’s World Class Ease-of-Use:

Core network test has never been easier than with NETSCOUT Spectra2 award winning multi-user GUI. It is the front end to a deeply automated set of functional, load, and conformance testing applications that can all be accessed through a single, user-friendly GUI. With this level of ease-of-use, Spectra2 enables customers to maximize their productivity.

Core Network Test from Legacy to Next Generation

E2E testing frequently requires multiple platforms, especially when testing from IP to TDM. Spectra2 has the power in both a portable PC and lab computing footprint to test IP and TDM-based signaling and media protocols in a single system.

Protocol Rich Test Environment

With the growth in LTE and IMS, the Diameter protocol is gaining in popularity. Spectra2 provides the capability to test AAA, Services, and Policy management functions including Diameter Routing Agents (DRA) for both functionality and capacity, while providing full support of legacy TCAP-based protocols.  This rich Diameter functionality complements the robust suite of protocols that span SIPH.323SIGTRANISUP, TCAP, MEGACO/H.248, RTP, and many more.

Lab to Field

The Spectra2 Core Network Test Solution is a software application that runs on multiple form factors to accommodate specific test requirements. If in the lab, Spectra2 can be configured for high volume signaling and load testing. The same software can be used in a PC footprint to capitalize on field portability. Staff can be trained on a single test tool and use it in the lab and the field.

Element Simulations

Spectra2 has rich element simulation capabilities with deep protocol support, including AAA & TDM and SIGTRAN elements, TDM/IP MGW’s, soft-switches, IP/ISDN PBX’s, HLR/HSS, signaling/access GW, Policy Nodes, Charging Gateways, x-CSCF, HSS, and more.

Network Element Performance AssuranceUse the unique API to systematically generate test calls through every single hardware and software resource on your Media and Access gateways.
End to End Service ValidationUser Emulation capabilities enable Spectra2 to generate test calls to completely validate end-to-end service quality.
Core Network Simulation for Interoperability TestingSimulate the functionality of many different equipment vendors.
System Test ValidationSimulate millions of users simultaneously originating and terminating high volumes and varied mixes of signaling and media traffic
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