STACK-MID Portable Wireless Testbed

Self-contained portable testbed for Wi-Fi 6 conformance testing.
  • Self-contained wireless testbed for WiFi6
  • 8x8 MIMO
  • Mesh testing
  • Roaming band steering

The STACK-MID is pre-configured with built-in Pal-6 / STApal test partner devices for testing Wi-Fi 6 features. This turnkey, portable wireless test solution is ready for use straight out of the box.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification program delivers advanced security and features for improved network efficiency and lower latency, making it ideal for demanding real-time applications, such as voice, video conferencing and gaming. The STACK-MIN wireless testbed enables Wi-Fi device manufacturers prepare for the certification process and improve device interoperability in the field.

With the addition of Wi-Fi 6 testing, the STACK-MID testbed includes hundreds of new automated test cases to help our customers verify interoperability and functionality of their devices.

Wi-Fi 6 conformance testingTest Wi-Fi devices for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 conformance in preparation for certification. Automated Wi-Fi 6 test cases prepare your device for certification.
TR398 testingPerform testing as specified in TR-398 within a portable test bed the can include single or multiple shielded enclosures, rotating turntables, variable RF attenuators, RF splitters and other test modules.
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